Internet piracy cost the Italian film and TV industry an estimated $670 million during 2010.

Now locals are clamoring for a France-style clampdown in the country, which has long been on the Intl. Intellectual Property Alliance watchlist.

In the study released by Italy’s Anti-Piracy Audiovisual Federation (Fapav), 37% of surveyed Italians watched at least one pirated movie or TV program last year.

Of those, more than 70% said that they would be less prone to piracy if they were able to view movies at home or in a theater day and date with their worldwide releases.

More than 80% said they considered penalties to be the best deterrent. Measures the offenders thought might be effective in dissuading them from illegal downloads were substantial fines (78%), loss of Internet access (77%) and a warning from providers (73%).

Fapav prexy Filippo Roviglioni said the Italo industry is rallying behind a draft law based on the French “three strikes and you’re out” model, which allows prosecutors to cut off Internet use to repeat offenders.