Hall is Uni’s master diplomat

ShowEast2011 - Al Shapiro Distinguished Service Award: John C. Hall

As senior VP of Universal Pictures Distribution’s exhibitor relations group, Hall, 41, works with exhibitors to market U’s films. Hall jokes of his job, “I feel a bit like a diplomat.”

In 2010, Hall collaborated with exhibs on U’s Minionator app for “Despicable Me.” He eventually got 100% of the exhibitors on board to allow moviegoers to access the app with their mobile devices during the end credits of the film — no small feat, since exhibs are notoriously anti-cell phone.

Hall’s experience as exhibitor may have prepared him for his 16 years at Universal. He started his career at AMC Theaters where he helped the company open the first megaplex in Dallas.

Hall’s other passion, giving back, also revolves around the entertainment industry. He held his first charity event in 1995, around the time he started with U.

He’s active on the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation board of directors and with Variety, the Children’s Charity.

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