BARCELONA — Spanish short-film sales house Freak is expanding into features, acquiring international rights to Mexican helmer Bernardo Arellano’s “Entre la noche y el dia” (Between Night and Day).

“Night” had its international premiere on Saturday in the San Sebastian Film Festival’s Horizontes Latinos sidebar. Debut feature director Arellano took top honors at San Sebastian’s Films in Progress showcase last year.

Pic turns on an autistic man who runs away from his family, and his dull and repressive life, to live in the forest.

Celia Novis’ docu “On Vampyres and Other Symptoms” is Freak’s second acquisition. It will play October’s Sitges Fantastic Film Festival.

Set up in 2001, Freak has sold shorts worldwide from directors who then went on to earn recognition as feature filmmakers, such as Eduardo Chapero-Jackson (“Verbo”), Daniel Sanchez Arevalo (“Cousins”) and Chus Gutierrez (“Return to Hansala”).

“We wanted to continue working with people rather than having just a passing relationship,” Freak CEO Millan Vazquez said.

The company’s slate will range from fiction to animation and docus. Pick-ups will be non-Spanish films with “very special elements such as the narrative style of ‘Vampyres,’ ” Vazquez said.

“There’s a Freak brand,” said Vazquez, who expressed a strong interest in Asia.

The aim is to increase Freak’s slate to 10-15 acquisitions a year, Vazquez said.

Freak will attend the American Film Market and Amsterdam’s Independent Documentary Film Festival.

Cela Ortega is sales manager.