Ealing Metro nabs Julien Temple docs

'Children of the Revolution,' 'This is London' to lense this year

CANNES — Ealing Metro International has snapped up sales rights for five of Julien Temple’s “cities and music” docus.

The first two pics, “Children of the Revolution” and “This Is London,” are both skedded to lense this year.

“Children of the Revolution,” set in Rio, will look at the musical, social, political, cultural and technical revolutions that have taken place in Rio since the 1970s. It spans the first Rock in Rio Festival in 1985 and looks at the scene of the country that has gone from being an oppressive military dictatorship to an open democracy.

Mike Downey and Sam Taylor’s Film & Music Entertainment is set to produce the docu, which will lense in September and October this year.

“This Is London” is commissioned by BBC Arts to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Games. It is produced by Temple and Rosa Bosch (“Buena Vista Social Club”) and follows the story of a metropolis that no longer exists and of the new London that has taken its place.

Further details of “Tijuanalandia,” a Tijuana docu, and the Havana-set and Berlin-set pics will be announced shortly.

“Since visiting Rio with the Sex Pistols for The Great Rock and roll Swindle in the late 1970s, I’ve always wanted to make a film about the city and now as it finally prepares to take its rightful place on the world stage that time has come,” said Temple. “At a time when the world will be focusing on London for the Olympic Games, the chance to make a film about the London I knew and the new city that has taken its place is an exciting and challenging prospect for any filmmaker.”