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Remaking “Arthur” was a nice idea — until screenwriter Peter Baynham turned Arthur Bach’s butler into his nanny.

“From that point on it was a film that was going to happen,” says Russell Brand, who produces and well as stars in “Arthur.”

Arthur’s being a funny drunk necessitated another, more obvious change.

“You have to tip around it,” Brand begins. “In 1981 when Dudley Moore was being a drunk, alcoholism was hilarious fun. There’s a fat man lying on his face — is there anything more satisfying? Yes, fellatio. But after that there’s a fat man lying on his face. But yes, nowadays we have a different attitude, because it ruins people’s lives. We deal with that by providing a different resolution to the story.”

Brand voices the Easter Bunny in the upcoming animated ‘Hop’.” What kind of bunny be he?

“A cheeky, lovable, mischievous one.”

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