In less than a year, McGurk has transformed Cinedigm by cutting deals that divested the company of its screen advertising and digital delivery systems so it could focus on leading the markets for distribution software for studios and exhibs, and digital content distribution for theaters.

Those deals — with Screenvision and Technicolor, respectively — both raised cash and turned former competitors into allies and helped position Cinedigm centrally in a growing global market. “We sold two non-core businesses and we cut deals that are hopefully going to accelerate our growth in both software and content,” he says.

KEY DEALS: Sold Cinedigm’s preshow advertising business, UniqueScreen Media, to Screenvision and its digital delivery assets to Technicolor. Both deals included long-term partnerships for Cinedigm to provide software and content. Also made deals for distribution software with Warner Bros. on the studio side, and AMC and Marcus Theaters on the exhib side. Content deals include an eight-pic deal with Arc Entertainment, a pact to show four live UFC bouts in 3D, a deal with YouTube and National Geographic for the documentary “Life in a Day,” and the distribution to more than 375 digital theaters of the latest full-length Pokemon feature this holiday season.


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