Italy’s Skydancers and Colombia’s Diafragma have boarded “Blood in the Mouth,” the sophomore feature from Argentina’s Hernan Belon whose “El campo” (In the Open) plays Venice Critics’ Week today.

Written by Belon and Marcelo Pitrola, “Blood” adapts Venezuelan Milagros Socorro’s short story of the same name.

It charts the destructive relationship between Ramon, a near over-the-hill boxing champ, and Deborah, a young boxing trainee.

“A melodrama with elements of film noir,” according to Belon, “Blood” has “violence, sadomasochistic sex, suspense, boxing, a love story with a tragic ending. Maybe that’s why I like it so much,” he said.

Belon and Diafragma, headed by Daniel Garcia and Ruben Mendoza, who directed “The Stoplight Society,” will apply for Ibermedia funding. Belon told Variety he would like a Colombian actress to play the trainee.

In “Blood,” boxers hit each other “as if pain was the only way to wake them up,” the helmer added.

The shadow of death also falls across “Open,” an understated, rural-set portrait of a young mother’s existential crisis.

“The birth of a daughter and fear that something could happen to her, makes the mother sense the possibility of death and that sensation becomes stronger in the countryside where life and death are far more immediate,” Belon said.

Produced by Belon, Gaul’s Thierry Lenouvel, Argentina’s Bastiana Films and Skydancers, “In the Open” will be distributed in Italy by Cinecitta Luce.

Its producers are in advanced negotiations to tie down a sales agent, Belon said.