The Variety Studio opened for business on Friday at the Stella Artois Lounge, where Cannes filmmakers and executives were interviewed on the Carlton beach.

Jerry Weintraub, who recently starred in HBO documentary “His Way,” said he thinks Hollywood is moving “too fast. Everything is rushed these days.”

Weintraub was on his way to meet with longtime friend Harvey Weinstein.

“The only time guys like us aren’t doing business is when we’re making love,” Weintraub joked.

Famke Janssen also dropped by for “Bringing up Bobby,” her directorial debut starring Milla Jovovich. Bankside Films is shopping the pic in Cannes.

“There was a market screening last night but I was nowhere near that place,” she said. “Sitting through one of those is practically suicide.”

Other guests included Disney topper Rich Ross and “Return” star Linda Cardellini.