Bespoke Venice

Showbiz Traveler: Venice

Want a a custom-tailored experience, and something beyond the Carnival costume and gondolier-inspired clothing? Head to Venice’s speciality boutiques. The concierge staff of Luna Venezia Baglioni, Hotel Cipriani and Hotel Bauer have weighed in on the city’s top artisans.

Attombri Jewelers in either San Marco or Rialto creates unique jewelry. The small collection mixes metals, precious stones and stone carvings.
Sottoportico Degli Oresi 74, Rialto
phone: +39 (0)41 5212524
2668/A Campo S. Maurzio, San Marco
phone: +39 (0)41 5210789

RAISE YOUR GLASSBR>At the BP Murano store, shoppers find one-of-a-kind jewelry creations made from Murano glass.Calle delle Agostiniane, 4, Murano
phone: +39 (0)41 5274717
By appointment only

The fashion and lifestyle boutique Pot-Pourri feature unique luxury goods for the home and its own line of hand-made coats, pants, knits and accessories. The scented candles and cashmere are worth the trip.
Ramo dei Fuseri 1810, Palazzo Regina Vittoria, San Marco
phone: +39 (0)41 5221332 (fashion); +39 (0)41 2410990 (lifestyle)

For the best custom-tailored suits in Venice, look no further than the award-winning atelier of Franco Puppato, where the scissor sorcerers have catered to international customers for more than 40 years.
San Marco 4723 – Calle dei Fabbri
phone: +39 (0)41 5221814

Funky designer eyewear, luxurious handmade leather handbags and elegant silk scarves are on tap Ottico Fabbricatore. The boutique, run by husband-and-wife design team — Francesco Lincetto, optician, and Marianna Leardini, fashion designer — stocks limited-edition pieces with an eclectic twist.
4773, San Marco
phone: +39 (0)41 522 5263