Adam Sandler: Multihyphenate just goes with it

Comedy Impact Report 2011: Bigscreen Bigshots

Adam Sandler isn’t looking to reinvent the comedic wheel. The actor-producer is content covering such familiar terrain as talking animals (“The Zookeeper”), mistaken identity (“Just Go With It”) and cross-dressing (“Jack and Jill”). Still, Sandler’s fandom continues to be wildly amused. The romantic comedy “Just Go With It,” which found Jennifer Aniston succumbing to Sandler’s unlikely charms, took in $212 million worldwide after unspooling the weekend before Valentine’s Day. The Sandler-produced “Zookeeper,” toplined by frequent cohort Kevin James, pulled in $170 million worldwide during its summer run. And “Jack and Jill,” which opened Nov. 11, earned $25 million its first weekend.

Playing a woman presented unique challenges for the “Saturday Night Live” alum, who eschews print media. “I had some outfits that I had a bulge problem with,” Sandler joked on a recent “Jimmy Kimmel Live” appearance. “(Director Dennis Dugan said), ‘Yeah, yeah, we can CGI out the bulge later. Don’t worry about it.’ Then I saw the final cut of the movie, and I saw (Dugan), and I said, ‘Good job getting rid of the bulge with the whole CGI thing,’ and he said, ‘Oh I forgot to do that.’?”