For its third straight frame, Sony’s “The Smurfs” topped the international box office, grossing $26.8 million over the Aug. 26-28 weekend, for a cume of $258.3 million.

But the little blue guys’ margin of winning shrunk considerably vs. last weekend, as 20th Century Fox’s late-summer holdover “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and Warner Bros.’ “Final Destination 5” tallied $22.2 million and $21 million, respectively, over the weekend.

“Apes” has now cumed a solid $158.7 million internationally, while “Final Destination” — just having started its rollout — reached nearly $29 million through Aug. 28.

“Smurfs” has proven a resilient player over the past few weeks, with standout perfs in mostly European markets.

In France, the live action-toon hybrid saw a perky 15% uptick in its fourth week there, grossing $2.8 million for a local cume of $19.8 million. The pic also tallied increases in the U.K. and Germany, up 7% and 6%, respectively. Blighty auds shelled out $2.5 million for “Smurfs” in its third frame; Germany contributed almost $2 million in its fourth.

Outside Europe, Brazil stands as the highest-grossing market for “Smurfs,” with $26 million, though the film has yet to be released in most Asian territories, including potential blue-ribbon countries Japan and China.

“Final Destination” debuted in Russia with a chart-topping $7.8 million. The film’s other markets — Blighty, Germany and Spain — all pitched in significantly less, perhaps signaling waning popularity for the franchise in those territories.

Brazilian auds, while still somewhat enamored of “The Smurfs,” paid plenty of attention to Fox’s “Apes,” which bowed at No. 1 in that territory with $3.9 million.

“Apes” also had a solid hold in South Korea, down just 28% from its opening weekend, with $3.9 million. Pic’s local cume in South Korea reached $12.3 million. n