While Sony’s “The Smurfs” marked its fourth week at the top of the international box office, some territories saw fresh entries win locally, including “The Three Musketeers” in Germany and BBC docu “One Life” in Japan.

“Smurfs” collected $25 million over the Sept. 2-4 weekend, boosting the film’s overseas tally to an animated $297.7 million.

The Sony pic has proven a sturdy player over the past month, with no new major day-and-date releases to challenge it internationally, although holdovers “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and “Final Destination 5” managed to gain headway at foreign wickets, posting $20.3 million and $18.7 million, respectively. “Apes” has cumed $187 million through Sept. 4; “Destination,” $58.3 million.

“Musketeers” opened at No. 1 in Germany, with $3.38 million, while Austrian auds contributed approximately $500,000. The Constantin film, an adaptation of the classic Alexandre Dumas novel in 3D, launched in both territories Sept. 3, before the pic’s Stateside debut, via Summit, on Oct. 21.

Docu “One Life” topped the Japanese market with $4.5 million in its first four days; pic’s B.O. on Saturday and Sunday totaled $2.93 million.

“Life,” distribbed in Japan by Avex Entertainment, features Kabuki headliner Koshiro Matsumoto and daughter Takako Matsu — a TV and screen star in her own right — as narrators. (Local megaband Mr. Children provide the pic’s theme song.)

“Life” may have a long life at the Japanese B.O., BBC-made documentaries have historically done well. BBC docu “Earth” opened to $4.6 million in Japan, and finished with a cume of $31 million; the Beeb’s doc “Oceans” bowed with $5.06 million, and wound up with a local total of $32 million.

(Mark Schilling contributed to this report.)