Norwegian pics are clicking with local auds, delivering a 20% box office market share, with seven local films in the top 20, according to theater owners’ org Film & Kino.

The Norwegian pack is led by violent thriller “Headhunters,” which has taken in $6.4 million after four weeks, but family films and youth-themed dominate the top 20, with four local films featuring teens or tykes as protags.

One of these, coming-of-age comedy “Turn Me On, Goddammit,” is not just charming home auds, but has won fans abroad.

Jannicke Systad Jacobsen’s debut fiction feature won the screenplay-narrative award at the Tribeca Film Fest and will be released Stateside by New Yorker across 15 cities in January.

Celsius Entertainment has also sold the pic to France, Switzerland, Canada, Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Australia and New Zealand, and sales to Russia and Japan are imminent.

“The best sellers seem to come in all genres and from very different directors,” says Nina Refseth, director of the Norwegian Film Institute. ” ‘Headhunters,’ a well-made thriller, is the hit we expected it to be. ‘Turn Me On, Goddammit’ is a quirky story of sexuality and growing up in a small town. Very different films, but each of them well crafted within its own universe, and they deliver what they promised to their audiences.”