‘Immortals’ on track for $13 mil Friday

Actioner, 'Puss' projected for $27 million ballpark over three-day holiday span

Relativity’s “Immortals” looks to be on track for a healthy debut this weekend, with B.O. observers expecting the pic to gross around $30 million in its opening frame. Including Thursday night’s $1.4 million grosses, pic’s shaping up to earn around $12.5 million to $13 million today.

Though comparable midnight grosses for films like “The Expendables” ($850,000) and “Battle: Los Angeles” ($700,000) translated to debuts in the mid-$30 millions, “Immortals” faces with a tougher B.O. marketplace, especially for the pic’s under-25 target demo.

“Immortals'” total expected Friday take would put it in line with some of the more optimistic projections for Paramount’s “Puss in Boots,” which experts peg as high as $27 million for the weekend. Mid-twenties, however, seem like the average expectation — and Friday’s Veteran’s Day holiday may help boost those earnings.

Observers also expect Sony’s “Jack and Jill” to earn between $7 million and $8 million today, putting it in line to make about $18.5 million to $20.5 million during the three-day stretch.

Box office watchers expect Warner Bros.’ “J. Edgar” to pull in $3.5 million to $4 million in its expansion today, cuming a total of around $10.5 million to $11 million over the weekend frame.

(Andrew Stewart contributed to this report)