Summit’s “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1” continues to dominate the domestic B.O. while a flood of family fare dukes it out for second.

“Breaking Dawn — Part 1” grossed $7.8 million on the holiday, which is not a big moviegoing day on the domestic calendar but does mean bigger-than-usual business for the five-day long weekend. Summit’s penultimate “Twilight” entry is expected to behave like the franchise’s second installment, which opened in the same window in 2009. Pic is currently $3.1 million behind “New Moon,” which grossed a Thanksgiving weekend five-day total of $66.3 million.

Following Summit, Disney’s “The Muppets” earned $5.9 million yesterday for a two-day cume of $12.5 million. “Muppets” faces tough competition from other PG-rated entries, but also stands the most to gain from increased family traffic over the next three days.

Among that competition, Paramount’s “Hugo” is next with a Thanksgiving day gross of $2.3 million, followed by Warner Bros.’ “Happy Feet Two” with $2.1 million. Not far behind, Sony’s “Arthur Christmas” came in sixth with $1.85 million, edged out of the top five by Relativity’s “The Immortals” with $1.9 million yesterday.

The long weekend’s cume still has “Arthur” ahead of “Hugo” with $4.3 million to “Hugo’s” $4 million. Pre-weekend predictions have “Arthur” just beating “Hugo,” but yesterday’s shift in favor may prove that wrong.

To drum up some business outside of their core family demographic, Disney and Par employed extra efforts to gain an edge. “Muppets” secured guest appearances on “Saturday Night Live” and “Chelsea Lately” to appeal to the 20-something crowd, while “Hugo” touted its Scorsese pedigree to play to prestige film auds.

As of today, “Breaking Dawn — Part 1” has cumed $179.3 million Stateside.