Wine pairings offer taste of Oscar

Try a gritty Cab or hearty Madeira while watching the kudos

On Oscar night, nominees may sip wine (or down a glass) to take the edge off, and now Oscarcast auds can do the same with wines specially paired for each best picture nominee.

Alexis Kahn, director of beverage education at the Intl. Culinary Center has drafted 10 wines that perfectly pair with each film.

For “Black Swan,” Kahn suggests the 2007 Schramsberg Blanc de Noirs — literally “white from black,” it’s a white sparkling wine made from pinot noir grapes. “The Fighter” demands the underdog: an American wine, the 2008 Ridge Dry Creek Valley Lytton Springs Valley Zinfandel while “Inception” calls for a layered 2006 Sauvignon Blanc “Prince in his Caves” Farina Vineyard. At $54.99, that’s also a bigger budget wine for a bigger-budget film.

“127 Hours” requires a drink for long journeys, Kahn says: The 1996 Broadbent Colheita Madeira. Madeira was fortified with extra alcohol by 18th century sailors to withstand extreme conditions, and this example is aged to an even tastier nutty flavor — appropriate for a guy who decided to go canyoneering alone.

But if you’re not into alone time, “The Social Network” is probably your pic. Kahn suggests the 2007 Estezargues “From the Tank” Cotes-du-Rhone, a boxed wine that contains a whopping four bottles — perfect for reliving college days.

Naturally, “True Grit” is paired with a Cab that contains “gritty” tannins, while “The King’s Speech” may have the best pairing of all: an Australian Reisling, a wine yearning, Kahn enthuses, to be heard.

On Oscar night, it’s all right to be a few corkscrews loose.