Kristin-scott-thomas-007The Weinstein Company just sent out a press release announcing that they’re rereleasing the mid-summer “Sarah’s Key,” which earned $7 million domestically in its initial run, on 300 screens Friday. The film stars Kristin Scott Thomas as an American journalist living in Paris and researching the roundup of Jews in the city during the Holocaust.

But that’s not really the interesting part of the story.

Any film getting another theatrical run during the last two months of the year instantly screams “Potential Awards Contender!”, and the Weinstein release doesn’t pretend it’s hoping for anything different.

“Audiences responded to ‘Sarah’s Key’ for its great story, its emotional impact, and its historical importance; and the power of that word-of-mouth made it one of the most successful indie releases of the summer. We know there’s an even bigger audience for the movie, and that’s why we’re re-releasing it now, in a wider pattern, and just in time for awards consideration,” TWC distribution president Eric Lomis said in the statement. 

This time of the year is packed with big-studio releases, which makes cutting through the clutter difficult, but it’s also a wide-open awards season. The fact that “Sarah’s Key” hasn’t been pushed as part of the company’s awards slate nor has it been a part of any industry awards screenings might mean that TWC is changing its strategy before the season really takes off. Most studios generally use this time frame to release the DVD and throw a party to woo voters. Some might say it’s too late to introduce a new title to the mix, but truth will be in the nominations.