When does a party full of people not even give Paris and Nicky Hilton a second glance? When it is the Weinstein Company/Relativity Media Golden Globes bash presented by Marie Clare.

Those dolled-up gals sat forlornly in one of the power booths in the back corner of the main room in the elegant indoor/outdoor pop-up space created for the event (attached to the BevHilton), as people pushed right past them. All were vying to get closer to winners Robert De Niro, Colin Firth, Steve Buscemi, Melissa Leo, Christian Bale and Katey Sagal and their well-wishers, a phalanx of A-list actors. Bruce Willis gave Matt Damon a bear hug, as Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony squeezed by; Ryan Gosling hung out with Kyra Sedgwick, Kevin Bacon and Olivia Wilde; Geoffrey Rush, Guy Pearce and Tom Hooper watched the swirl in amazement; and crazy-topped Helena Bonham Carter giggled as she squirmed through the crush. “This is enough to make my hair stand on end!” she joked.
Michael Douglas settled in to the other power section of the fete, in the second room, along with Catherine Zeta-Jones. They chatted with Eva Longoria, greeted Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough, and whispered confidentially to Ryan Kavanaugh. Meanwhile, Taylor Hackford and Helen Mirren loaded up on the ahi tuna. “I’m absolutely starving!” she said.