“Halfway through seeing the extraordinary Pedro Almodovar film, ‘The Skin I Live In,’ I had the sudden realization that Antonio Banderas, the man I know so well, had completely vanished from the screen. All I could see was Robert Ledgard, the insane surgeon whom revenge drives into a God-complex love affair with his own creation.

After two decades of knowing Antonio, I thought he could no longer surprise me. ‘The Skin I live In’ proved me wrong. I was completely mesmerized by the variety of emotions that Antonio was able to evoke with such a restrained and elegant performance.

Robert Ledgard, icy, magnetic, perverse and seductive at the same time, is the creation of an actor in total command of his abilities, and afraid of nothing. Under the masterful direction of Pedro Almodovar, Antonio has given us, in my opinion, the finest performance yet in his long and extraordinary career.”

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