Robert Duvall on Christoph Waltz in ‘Carnage’

SAG Preview 2011: Actors on Actors

“Christoph is a wonderfully unique actor who comes from the stage. And since ‘Carnage’ was filmed as a stage play, he is very comfortable in that setting. His is a steady performance that doesn’t completely demand emotional conclusions. Christoph met what he had to meet: the guy always on the phone going in and out, meeting the family, getting on his wife. He knew how to deal with these situations in an effortless way. His character was always in the background, and jumped forward when he had to jump forward. And his performance was truthfully done. That’s the main thing. It needs to be truthful within a set of imaginary circumstances. And, once again, Christoph comes from the theater so he knows how to do that. He’s an actor who has a wonderful intellect that moves in a relaxed harmony with his inner emotional life.”

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