Tatiana Siegel checked in with Brett Ratner on his plans for this year’s Oscar ceremony:

RatnerTower Heist” probably won’t be a best picture contender, but the film’s Gotham premiere last week offered a glimpse of the upcoming Academy Awards. Before the film unspooled, helmer Brett Ratner, who is producing this year’s Oscar telecast, poked fun at the Ziegfeld Theatre crowd. “They are a lot of Jews here tonight, a lot of executives, a lot of gays,” he quipped. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 84th Academy Awards.” He also promised to deliver the shortest ceremony ever, calling for speedy speeches. Meanwhile, “Tower Heist” star Eddie Murphy, who is hosting the kudos-cast, suggested lowering one’s expectations before Hollywood’s big day. “I think it’s so funny that people think I’m the perfect guy for this; I’m going to be horrendous,” he joked to the U.K.’s Evening Standard, predicting that he will urinate on himself before the end of the show. “I’m going to be the worst host ever.” On a more serious note, Ratner said working with Murphy, who conceived the “Tower Heist” idea, “fulfilled a lifelong dream.” He added at the preem’s MoMA afterparty, “And now I get to do it all over again with the Oscars.” –Tatiana Siegel