Tim Allen
“Last Man Standing”
Could be: Allen was nominated five straight years during his heady “Home Improvement” days, so he’s certainly a known quantity here.

Ginnifer Goodwin & Lana Parrilla
“Once Upon a Time”
Could be: Fall’s top new drama has audiences engaged with Goodwin and Parrilla in the center of the fantasy tale.

Emily VanCamp & Madeleine Stowe
Could be: There may be no more buzzworthy new broadcast show than “Revenge” right now, and HFPA members may clearly want to take advantage of that enthusiasm with a nom.

Jane Levy, Jeremy Sisto & Cheryl Hines
Could be: Delightful new laffer has a breakout star in Levy, while Hines clearly proves she has talent that goes far beyond “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”


Mereille Enos, Joel Kinnaman & Michelle Forbes
“The Killing”
Could be: Will the season ending on who killed Rosie Larsen leave a bad taste in voters’ mouths? Regardless, that shouldn’t take away from a strong cast, which shouldn’t be punished with audience and critical anger.

Anson Mount & Common
“Hell on Wheels”
Could be: Whether the HFPA will embrace a Western is uncertain, but if they feel “Wheels” is worthy, this pair might be the most logical choices.


Patrick Wilson
“A Gifted Man”
Could be: Wilson has long been a film star and his TV turn here might pique the interest in voters who appreciate his well-rounded work.

Jim Caviezel & Michael Emerson
“Person of Interest”
Could be: Emerson will always be best known for his wily Ben on “Lost,” but he and Caviezel make a nice pair here in trying to prevent crime before it occurs.

Poppy Montgomery
Could be: She’s a strong lead but similar to “A Gifted Man” and “Person of Interest,” procedurals have a difficult time receiving kudos traction.

Kat Dennings & Beth Behrs
“Two Broke Girls”
Could be: It’s fall’s highest-rated new comedy yet since they share co-billing and airtime, it might be difficult to separate the two femmes.


Maria Bello
“Prime Suspect”
Could be: Despite the show’s dismal ratings, both Bello and her signature hat always gave their best.

Whitney Cummings
Could be: Cummings has been a consistent comedic force on the standup circuit and having a self-titled laffer on a Big Four network should stand for something, no?

Christina Applegate, Will Arnett & Maya Rudolph
“Up All Night”
Could be: One of NBC’s few hits, the three have long been laffer vets be it in previous sitcoms or, in Rudolph’s case, “Saturday Night Live.”


Sarah Michelle Gellar
Could be: The CW has never exactly been a TV awards magnet, but Gellar’s longtime popularity might help turn the tide.


Jason O’Mara
“Terra Nova”
Could be: Prehistoric-themed family drama is playing very well with international auds, which is the global HFPA’s sweet spot.

Zooey Deschanel
“New Girl”
Could be: If being adorkable were an awards virtue, Deschannel could write her acceptance speech now. She might get to anyway.


Jason Gann & Elijah Wood
Could be: Straight from Oz with its comedy chops intact, Wood deserves credit for being Gann’s dogged straight man.

Holt McCallany
“Lights Out”
Could be: Featuring a heavyweight boxer with more problems outside the ring than in, the one-season series may be long forgotten but it was a noble effort.

Dylan McDermott, Jessica Lange & Connie Britton
“American Horror Story”
Could be: With Ryan Murphy back in the FX fold, “Horror Story” has been a ratings powerhouse. Both McDermott and Britton are making strong career statements, post-“The Practice” and “Friday Night Lights,” respectively.


Laura Dern
Could be: Though the series has been ratings challenged in its Monday timeslot, Dern’s brave performance as a woman on the edge definitely has its share of supporters.

Peter Dinklage, Sean Bean & Lena Headey
“Game of Thrones”
Could be: HBO’s wildly popular fantasy skein built momentum as the season went along, and its actors — whether they were beheaded or not — all went along for the ride.


Ashley Rickards
Could be: MTV is still best known for hanging with Snooki and Co., but “Awkward” was a perfect vehicle for Rickards, who played a high school teen with just the right necessary angst.


Emmy Rossum & William H. Macy
Could be: British import has its share of supporters and having John Wells as exec producer gives the entire production plenty of panache.

Jeremy Irons
“The Borgias”
Could be: Jonathan Rhys Meyers was twice nominated for “The Tudors,” so Irons may benefit from some continued Renaissance momentum.

Matt Le Blanc
Could be: The former “Friends” star received a somewhat surprising Emmy nom, meaning a Globes nod might be in the cards as well.

Mandy Patinkin, Claire Danes & Damian Lewis
Could be: Thrilling new terrorist series combines a riveting storyline with superior acting. That’s a combination that could be hard to ignore.


Noah Wyle
“Falling Skies”
Could be: From treating patients with appendicitis in the ER to battling outer space aliens in a post-apocalyptic Massachusetts, Wyle is a longtime TV star who knows how to turn on the charm.

USA Network

Sarah Shahi
“Fairly Legal”
Could be: “Legal” might not be much out of the ordinary, but whatever she’s in, the effervescent Shahi always gives folks reason to watch.

Callie Thorne
“Necessary Roughness”
Could be: Was a good year for Thorne, who finished up her “Rescue Me” run and then nicely segued into this well-produced sports-themed drama.

Gabriel Macht
Could be: Who would’ve thunk it? A good-looking lead in a USA Network drama. Net’s top-rated new series was a perfect vehicle for Macht’s combined wit and sarcasm.

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