The Mediterranean isle of Malta, offering some of Europe’s most alluring incentives and the world’s largest marine filming tanks, has long been a hotspot for Hollywood tentpoles such as, most recently, Paramount’s Brad Pitt starrer “World War Z.”

Malta’s rebate of up to 22% cash on local spend, with no cap, is one of the highest incentives in Europe and can be combined with tax breaks and a VAT refund.

In a bid to become even more competitive to foreign shoots, over the past year the Malta Film Commission has been making the English-speaking isle ever more user-friendly.

“Basically, what we are trying to do is assist all productions by holding their hand when they apply for funding, to get our full added value, while also improving our services,” says commission topper Peter Busuttil.

Also, in an effort to jointy attract more tentpoles the Malta Film Commission recently forged a pact with Rome’s Cinecitta Studios under which international productions that shoot in Italy and on Malta can tap into tax credits from both territories, as well as other benefits.

The Malta/Cinecitta pact involves a joint venture between filming equipment company Panalight and lighting company Nexos Malta, aimed at providing lower cost services.