Kate Winslet on Evan Rachel Wood in ‘The Ides of March’

SAG Preview 2011: Actors on Actors

“Evan could have gone very hysterical with this role. She could have dressed it up much more than she did and been more showy. But she looked like an intern. She looked like a girl in an office. Evan kept that character human. She was just a girl who had got herself in an uncomfortable situation. And I felt as though she played the honesty of that scenario. She didn’t resort to any clever diverting tactics that could have added other colors to the character. They would have been, in my opinion, the wrong colors. Evan is smart enough to know not to go down those roads.

I am a very big fan of her opening scene with Ryan Gosling. Pretty much everything that came out of her mouth was not a statement. It was a question! I was like, ‘Wow! One. Two. Three. Four. Oh my god! Eight. Nine. Oh my God!’ Her last two lines in the scene are not questions and that’s pretty much it! I was quite taken aback by that. As an acting thing, that’s very difficult to do. Especially in a scene with one other person who happens to be a man who you need to let the audience know you are inevitably going to be having some kind of relationship with. She covered so much in a tiny scene. Also, there’s the scene with Ryan in bed when there’s the mixup with the mobile phone — the way that she handled that scene was incredibly graceful. She could have gone all-out hysteria. It could have been an ugly, ugly scene to watch. But what she did very cleverly was force us to listen to her and to sympathize, to emphasize. That scene pulled me deeper into the movie.”

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