Jodie Foster on Anton Yelchin in ‘Like Crazy’

SAG Preview 2011: Actors on Actors

“I love quiet performances when an actor allows you to search underneath his skin, whispering to you instead of clubbing you to death with his or her intentions. Intimate, deep, real, Anton Yelchin gives you all the rapture and longing of young love in ‘Like Crazy,’ with a delicacy and truthfulness most young actors are too cool to embrace. There’s a sweetness about Anton and luckily he’s not afraid to show it. You trust him. You follow him. You want to take care of him. Yet it’s clear that there’s sadness buried there, something darker that might just jump out and bite you when you least expect it. Anton is an essay in how to be vulnerable without ever being weak. This film is a real departure for him. It’s mesmerizing to witness his effortless improvisation, never pushing the energy of the scene, just simple behavior. We all know Anton can serve plot-driven narrative, tell a mainstream story from action films to horror genre. But it takes a lot of soul to just be.”

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