“Since I was defined for so long as daughter/sister/aunt of someone famous, I was very curious to see who this Lizzie Olson (sister of the Olson twins) was who would play my granddaughter in her first film, ‘Peace, Love and Misunderstanding.’ It took half a day’s rehearsal to see that she was normal, down-to-earth, very intelligent with a committed and serious approach to her craft. I felt that, at least at that stage of her life, theater was her main attraction. But when I saw the dailies, I knew that, like it or not, she was destined for a career on screen. The camera loves her. Lights and shadows play across the perfect yet unconventional contours of her face; her eyes shift mysteriously between gray and green; the compelling shape of her lips, her lithe body. ‘This is big-time, bigscreen stuff,’ I said to myself. Last night I watched ‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’ and everything I had felt was more than confirmed. In a demanding starring role this young woman brought us into her soul and did so with her eyes and body language. There was not a hint of acting. Fasten your seat belt, Lizzie, this is going to be a long, smooth ride.”

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