A quick guide to the key players in the Puerto Rican film industry.

Mariella Perez Serrano
Film Commissioner
Perez Serrano has spearheaded the film commission since 2009, when a slew of high-profile projects started rolling in, including “The Rum Diary” and “Fast Five.” Prior to her current position, Perez Serrano worked in Madrid as a consultant. She has also worked as an attorney and journalist in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Antonio J. Sifre
Corporate and Entertainment Lawyer
Sifre is prexy of Production Advisory Services of Puerto Rico (PAS) which handles all the legal and fiscal aspects of film production in PR. Sifre co-drafted both the original 1999 and current 2011 film law. He also represents corporate clients in the music, film, television and internet industries.

Rosi Acosta
UPM/Prod. Supervisor
Acosta has been in the Puerto Rican film biz for 25 years, where she has worked on a string of indie pics and TV movies, including Todd Solondz’s “Life During Wartime” and Lifetime’s “One Hot Summer.” She is the VP of production services company KCPR in partnership with L.A.-based producer Kip Konwiser. A former casting director, Acosta coordinates the Film Intensive Workshops sponsored by the PR Film Commission.

Carlos Anibal Vazquez
Unit Production Manager/Line Producer
Anibal Vazquez, a DGA member, earned the nickname “the Disney Boy of Puerto Rico” given his track record with the Mouse House, which began with 2006 telepic “Au Pair 3.” He’s also worked on HBO’s “Eastbound and Down,” Warner Bros.’ “One Tree Hill” and various Lifetime TV movies. On the feature side, he recently line produced U.K. thriller “The Caller.”

Ellen Gordon
Unit Production Manager/Line Producer
A DGA member, Gordon has worked on a host of major pics that have shot in PR, including “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” “The Rum Diary” and “Che.” A Vassar-educated New Yorker, she moved to Puerto Rico some 22 years ago. Gordon has worked on hundreds of TV ads produced in the Caribbean, Mexico, Peru and the U.S.

Ines Mongil
Unit Production Manager
NYU grad Mongil has worked as a production manager or supervisor on numerous pics, both international and local, since the late ’80s. Her credits range from “Amistad” and “Contact” to the more recent “A Perfect Getaway,” where Puerto Rico stood in for a Hawaii setting. She’s also managed the production of various Latino-themed pics, including “El Cantante” and “Pinero.”

Luis Estrella
Location Manager
Estrella has worked on a slew of projects over the past 16 years, including “Fast Five” and “The Losers.” A member of the Location Managers Guild of America, Estrella served on earlier Puerto Rico productions “Amistad” and “Contact” as well. He has also been a transportation coordinator on some projects, including 2009’s “A Perfect Getaway.”

Karen Uphoff
Location Manager

Uphoff formed part of the advance team for “The Rum Diary,” “The Men Who Stare at Goats” and “Che,” among others. Her TV credits include “Treasure Island” and ABC pilot “The River,” in which the Espiritu Santo river stood in for the Amazon. In the biz for 17 years, she was the production coordinator on James Bond sequel “GoldenEye” in the mid-’90s.

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