Some of Gaul’s most powerful indie distributors — Pathe, Wild Bunch, EuropaCorp and SND — fared best with local comedies, notably Pathe with Dany Boon’s “Nothing to Declare,” which so far ranks as France’s 2011 B.O. champ, and young auteur-driven pics with crossover appeal, such as EuropaCorp’s “Little White Lies.”

Wild Bunch, on the other hand, thrived with “The King’s Speech,” among others. Apart from “Tron: Legacy” and “Rango,” Hollywood 3D tentpoles did not flood the French box office, which was down to 52.4 million admissions, a 9.6% year-on-year drop through March. The DVD market was stable at $2 billion, while the VOD biz climbed by 40% to $196.6 million in 2010, enabling an increasing number of indie distributors to experiment with VOD day-and-date.

Total 2010 box office: $1.8 billion
Total 2010 releases: 575
Top 2010 indie film: “Little White Lies,” $46.1 million
Top 2011 indie pickups:
“Tucker & Dale,” Wild Bunch
“Sleeping Beauty,” ARP Selection
“Larry Crowne,” SND