Colombian cornucopia

A list of key projects

“Blind Alley”
Production: Roxbury (Spain), Antena 3 (Spain), Dynamo
Why Care? What starts out as a flirtation in a launderette turns into a nightmare in the feature debut of “The Devil’s Backbone” scribe, Antonio Trashorras.
Sales: DeAPlaneta

“Bunker: The Hidden Face”
Production: Dynamo, Cactus Flower, Avalon, Fox Intl. Prods.
Why Care? Fox’s first foray into Colombian cinema delivers heaps of romantic intrigue and mystery in this psychological thriller by helmer Andi Baiz.
Sales: Fox Intl. Sales/Elle Driver

Production: RCN Cine, Amazona Films
Why Care? Found-footage format lends a taut immediacy to English-language thriller by ace helmer Simon Brand.
Sales: RCN Cine

“El Paramo” (The Squad)
Production: Rhayuela Cine
Why Care? Wild Bunch snapped up Jaime Osorio’s war-horror hybrid while in production and pre-sold it to key territories, a major feat for a feature debut. A U.S. remake is in the works.
Sales: Wild Bunch

“Fat, Bald Short Man”
Production: Malta Cine, Cine-Sud Promotion (France)
Why Care? Technically unusual — rotoscoping, line-drawn 2D, plus CGI background — and emotionally engaging toon pic from Carlos Osuna about a zilch law clerk’s pathetic life.
Sales: Malta Cine

“Greetings to the Devil”
Production: Sanantero Films
Why Care? Edgar Ramirez (“Carlos”) stars in Juan Felipe Orozco’s thriller where a hitman must kill former accomplices to save his kidnapped daughter.
Sales: Celluloid Nightmares

Production: Rhayuela Cine
Why Care? A fresh take on the guerrilla conflict in Colombia by “Paramo” producer Rhayuela, following a pregnant 14-year-old soldier who attempts to desert FARC to save her baby. Helmed by Jose Luis Rugeles (“Garcia”).
Sales Company: Rhayuela Cine

Production: Antorcha Films, Control Z (Uruguay), Carmelita (Spain)
Why Care? Alejandro Landes’ dramedy about a wheel-chair bound man who hijacks a plane comes with recognition from the Sundance Directors and Screenwriters Labs, Cannes Residence and Rotterdam Cinemart among others.
Sales: Ari Media Worldsales

“Sargeant Matacho”
Production: Enic Prods., Alpha Acosta
Why Care? Widow becomes a killing machine in Colombia’s 1950s armed conflict-set “Matacho.” An intense, grueling debut from William Gonzalez that swept 2010’s Guadalajara Construye.
Sales: Enic Prods.

“The Fisherman”
Production: Contento Films
Why Care? Sebastian Cordero’s follow-up to his much acclaimed “Rage” where a fisherman’s life takes a dangerous turn when he finds cocaine packets washed up on the beach.
Sales: Contento Films

“What They Call Love”
Production: RCN Cine, Urban Factory (France)
Why Care? Carlos Cesar Arbelaez’s follow-up to hit “The Colors of the Mountain,” this four-story contempo criss-crosser turns on guilt, disappointment and the weight of the past.
Sales: Urban Distribution Intl.

“180 Seconds”
Production: 64-A Films
Why Care? The latest film from “Perro come perro” producer Diego Ramirez who has shepherded Carlos Moreno’s pics to Sundance glory. Alexander Giraldo’s feature bow is an action thriller of a heist gone awry.
Sales: 64-A Films

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