Colin Farrell on Michael Shannon in ‘Take Shelter’

SAG Preview 2011: Actors on Actors

“I’ve witnessed Michael Shannon’s brutal talent take many forms in all the work that he’s done through the years, but there was something new in his performance in ‘Take Shelter.’ Mike is known for playing extreme characters, but as Curtis LaForche he does something that I haven’t seen him get the chance to do. He plays a common man at home in a life of domesticity. He has a loving wife and daughter and a job that allows him to provide for them, yet through the onslaught of apocalyptic dreams and daytime visions he experiences we begin to suspect madness, or awakening, or both as his character begins to fracture, first internally then outward, into family and community. He is astonishing in these scenes. Heart-battering. And yet, it’s the earlier scenes that completely blew me away. The gentle simplicity of kissing his daughter at the breakfast table or the familiar interplay between husband and wife. These scenes set me up for the rapture that was to come. They made the rest of the film personal for me. Relatable. I think Mike travels a greater emotional distance in this film than he has in any other.”

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