Choice on Croisette

Titles with potential to travel abroad that will be in Cannes

Titles with potential to travel abroad that will be in Cannes, both in competition and the market this year.

Typical combination of poetry and politics from Fernando Leon de Aranoa, about an immigrant (Magaly Solier, “The Milk of Sorrow”) whose elderly charge dies.
Production companies: Reposado, Mediapro
Sales: Imagina

“Among Wolves”
Juan Jose Ballesta starrer about the true story of a boy brought up in the wild. A sleeper hit in Spain.
Production companies: Sophisticated Films, Wanda Vision
Sales: Terra Mater

“As Luck Would Have It”
Alex de la Iglesia (“Sad Trumpet Ballad”) satire from a Randy Feldman script about a failed PR man hawking a TV exclusive about his own misfortune. Spanish comic Jose Mota and Salma Hayek star.
Production companies: Trivision, Sagafilm, Al Fresco
Sales: n/a

The sophomore turn from Mateo Gil (Alejandro Amenabar’s scripting sidekick) is a Western starring Sam Shepard as an aging Butch Cassidy returning home from exile. Co-stars Eduardo Noriega.
Production companies: Arcadia Motion Pictures, Ariane Marara
Sales: 6 Sales

“Blind Alley”
“Devil’s Backbone” co-writer Antonio Trashorras helms pic about a woman trapped by serial killer.
Production companies: Antena 3 Films, Roxbury Pictures, Esa Mano Amiga Prods,, Dynamo
Sales: DeAPlaneta

“Blood in the Snow”
Gerardo Herrero-helmed historical thriller set on the Russian front, starring ideologically opposed soldiers Juan Diego Botto and Carmelo Gomez investigating ritual murders in the midst of war.
Production companies: Tornasol Films, Zebra Prods,, Lithuanian Film Studios
Sales: Latido

“The Body”
In “Julia’s Eyes” scribe Oriol Paulo’s debut, a stiff mysteriously goes missing from the morgue.
Production companies: Rodar y Rodar, Chromosome 22, Antena 3 Films
Sales: n/a

“Chinese Take-Away”
Ricardo Darin and Hunag Sehng Huang as an Argentinean and a Chinese man forced into cohabitation and self-discovery in Sebastian Borensztein’s thoughtful comedy.
Production companies: Tornasol, Castafiore Films, Pampa Prods,
Sales: Latido

“Dead Perros”
Koldo Serra (“Backwoods”) is back in a Hugo Silva starrer about flesh-eating kids and bank robbers on the run.
Production companies: Arsenico, Nava Entertainment, Sayaka Prods., Telespan 2000
Sales: Vertice

Psychological thriller by Antonio Chavarrias (“Celia’s Lives”) in which a man is visited by an old friend claiming his daughter wants to kill him. Likely to supply tension, darkness and grit.
Production company: Oberon Cinematografica
Sales: n/a

Nacho Vigalondo’s sci-fi laffer follows a guy who meets the girl of his dreams on the same night as an alien invasion.
Production companies: Arsenico, Sayaka, Apaches
Sales: Wild Bunch

“Five Square Meters”
Well-constructed pic about a housebuying David seeking justice from a real estate Goliath. Max Lemcke (“Casual Day”) helms this Malaga fest best film winner, which also nabbed best thesp for Fernando Tejero.
Production company: Aliwood Mediterraneo Prods.
Sales: n/a

“Flamenco Flamenco”
Carlos Saura and lenser Vittorio Storaro reunite for Saura’s 10th musical homage, a sumptuous compendium of what you can do with just a voice, a guitar and the right boots.
Production company: General de Prods. y Diseno
Sales: Imagina

“Ghost Graduation”
Javier Ruiz Caldera’s sophomore outing after smash hit “Spanish Movie” is a comedy concerning a teacher with a paranormal gift, who must help five ghost students pass their high-school exams and finally leave school.
Production companies: Think Studio, Ciudadano Ciskul, Mod Prods., Ikiru
Sales: Film Factory

Gonzalo Lopez Gallego (“King of the Hill”) helms action thriller about a messenger dragged into a nightmare after giving chase following a car accident.
Production companies: Telecinco Cinema, Inertia, AXN, Roxbury.
Sales: Film Factory

Production team responsible for “Cell 211” and helmer Daniel Calparsoro adapt high-tension Fernando Marias novel about a Spanish military doctor haunted by his tour in Iraq.
Production companies: Vaca Films, Morena Films
Sales: n/a

“Midnight in Paris”
Business as usual for Woody Allen, whose 41st film, a romantic comedy, asks Allenesque questions about love. High-profile cast includes Rachel McAdams, Owen Wilson and Michael Sheen.
Production companies: Mediapro, Gravier
Sales: Imagina

“No Rest for the Wicked”
Helmer Enrique Urbizu returns with the tale of a police inspector in trouble after he’s involved in a shooting at a bar.
Production companies: Telecinco Cinema, LaZona Films
Sales: Filmax

“The Opposite of Love”
First feature by Vicente Villanueva starts out as romantic comedy, but ends up focusing on love’s darker side. Spanish heartthrob Hugo Silva stars.
Production companies: Antena 3 Films, Zeta Cinema
Sales: DeAPlaneta

In the past, numbed Spanish Civil War victims learn to feel pain, while in the present, a neurosurgeon hunts for his parents. Pre-sales have been brisk for Juan Carlos Medina’s psycho-thriller debut.
Production companies: Roxbury, A Contracorriente, Les Films d’Antoine, Tobina Film, Fado Filmes
Sales: Elle Driver

“PX3D (Paranormal Xperience 3D)”
Scientific team goes looking for a paranormal event — and finds it. Helmed by Sergi Vizcaino.
Production companies: Rodar y Rodar, Chromosome 22, Antena 3 Films
Sales: Stonebrook

“REC 3 Genesis”
The prequel of this successful horror franchise, helmed by Paco Plaza, shows there’s life in the old zombie yet. “REC 4 Apocalypse” will follow.
Production company: Filmax
Sales: Filmax

“Red Lights”
Rodrigo Cortes (“Buried”) moves out of the coffin and onto the couch with a high-profile thriller about a psychic (Robert De Niro) being investigated by a psychologist (Sigourney Weaver)
Production companies: Versus Entertainment, Cindy Cowan Entertainment, Antena 3 Films
Sales: Parlay Films

“La Senda”
Psychological thriller co-penned by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (“Intruders,” “The Crow”). A family decides to spend Christmas night in an isolated cabin. Miguel Angel Toledo directs.
Production companies: Victoria, Alberca
Sales: n/a

“Sex of Angels”
Bruno and Carla meet charismatic breakdancer Rai, and the sexual and social taboos come tumbling down. Xavier Villaverde helms.
Production company: Continental Prods.
Sales: Latido

“The Skin I Live In”
Pedro Almodovar goes all nasty with a creepy item about a plastic surgeon wreaking vengeance on the man who raped his daughter. Antonio Banderas is the man with the syringe.
Production company: El Deseo
Sales: FilmNation

“Sleep Tight”
Jaume Balaguero (“REC”) returns with a more subtly psychological item about a sociopathic doorman (Luis Tosar) whose hobby is quietly scaring the hell out of the tenants.
Production company: Filmax
Sales: Filmax

Antonio Banderas is behind the camera for thriller-fantasy yarn about a special forces major faced with the end of the world.
Production companies: Green Moon, Quiet Box, Vertice Cine
Sales: Vertice

“There Be Dragons”
Roland Joffe (“The Mission”) returns to a Christian subject in a sweeping, Spanish Civil War-set account of the life of Opus Dei founder and Catholic saint Josemaria Escriva.
Production companies: Mount Santa Fe, Mount Santa Fe Espana, Antena 3 Films, Motive Entertainment
Sales: Bleiberg Entertainment

“Three Meters Above the Sky”
Bad guy with a good streak and a good girl with a bad streak ride fast bikes together in a slick, teen-focused adaptation of best-selling novel. Spain’s biggest 2010 B.O. success.
Production companies: Zeta Cinema, Antena 3 Films, Cangrejo Films, Globomedia
Sales: Imagina

“Torrente 4: Lethal Crisis”
More laffs and gaffes from the most politically incorrect cop in the world.
Production companies: Amiguetes Entertainment, Antena 3 Films, Bowfinger
Sales: Filmsharks

“Welcome to Harmony”
Big-budget, English-language, post-apocalyptic zombie horror featuring mutant chemical weapons survivors. Miguel Angel Vivas (“Kidnapped”) helms from a script based on a Juan De Dios Garduno bestseller in Spain.
Production companies: Vaca, La Ferme Prods.
Sales: n/a

“What Are Bears For?”
Estranged brothers Javier Camara and Gonzalo Castro seek to bring bears back to rural Spain in Tom Fernandez’s amiably zany eco-comedy.
Production companies: Versatil Cinema, Alta Prods., MediaPro
Sales: Imagina

Eduardo Chapero-Jackson’s helming debut is a rites-of-passage thriller about a disturbed teen embarking on a reality-twisting adventure.
Production companies: Apaches, Telecinco
Sales: Filmax

Vulcania is a small isolated community led by an enigmatic leader where nothing is quite what it seems. Jose Skaf helms.
Production company: Zentropa Spain
Sales: TrustNordiskSales: TrustNordisk

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