David Nutter is nominated for two DGA Awards, one for “The Pacific,” the other for “Entourage.” Here, he compares the two experiences:

The “Entourage” and “The Pacific” episodes I directed this year are fixated, in my mind, as fully examined representations of Hollywood and Guadalcanal, respectively — and each had its own challenges insofar as prep, camerawork, working with actors and crafting credibility are concerned. You can’t mess with the history of one of America’s greatest battles — and I’m not talking about fighting World War II in the South Pacific. I’m talking about Ari versus Mrs. Ari, and making that conflict — which was the centerpiece of this past year’s shows, something that’s been building for a full seven seasons of “Entourage” — resonate for both casual viewers and those who’ve never missed an episode. Likewise, the Guadalcanal battle was something that was, initially, almost overwhelming to contemplate, and — within the scheme of “The Pacific” overall — it really brought the central character of Basilone to the forefront and explored his misgivings about that fact. It was a real honor to be a part of the telling of his story.

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