“Barney’s Version” nabbed 11 Genie awards nominations, the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television announced Wednesday at simultaneous media conferences in Montreal and Toronto.

It’s closely followed by “Incendies” with 10 noms.

Pics, both distributed by eOne Film in Canada, will duke it out for best picture and director against Xavier Dolan’s “Heartbeats” (Alliance), which nabbed four noms, Podz’s (aka Daniel Grou) “10½” (Equinoxe), which got eight and Vincenzo Natali’s “Splice” (eOne), which got four.

“Barney’s Version,” a labor of love for producer Robert Lantos, garnered thesp noms for Paul Giamatti, Dustin Hoffman, Rosamund Pike and Minnie Driver, a director nom for Richard J. Lewis and noms for adapted screenplay, art direction, original score, costume design and make-up, for which it received an Oscar nom last month.

“Incendies,” which recently hit the $3 million domestic box office mark, nabbed recognition for director Denis Villeneuve, actress Lubna Azabal, adapted screenplay, art direction, cinematography, editing, make-up, overall sound and sound editing. Pic vies for the foreign language Oscar next month,

The Academy announced nominees in 20 categories. It also unveiled the recipients of two special awards.

The Golden Reel for domestic box office topper goes to “Resident Evil: Afterlife,” which has so far raked in over $280 million worldwide, making it the most successful Canadian feature ever. Horror pic also landed five noms in craft categories.

“Sortie 67” helmer Jephte Bastien will take home the Claude Jutra Award for outstanding achievement by a first-time feature director. “Defendor” helmer Peter Stebbings receives an honorable mention.

Pubcaster CBC will broadcast the 31st Genie awards live from the National Arts Center in Ottawa on March 10.

The complete list of 2011 Genie Award Nominees:

Best Motion Picture
10 1/2 – Pierre Gendron
Heartbeats – Xavier Dolan, Carole Mondello, Daniel Morin
Barney’s Version – Robert Lantos
Incendies – Luc Déry, Kim McCraw
SpliceSteven Hoban

Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role
Jay Baruchel – The Trotsky
Paul Giamatti – Barney’s Version
Robert Naylor – 10 1/2
Timothy Olyphant – High Life
François PapineauRoute 132

Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role
Martin Dubreuil – 10 1/2
Dustin Hoffman – Barney’s Version
Alexis Martin – Route 132
Callum Keith Rennie – Gunless
Rossif Sutherland – High Life

Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
Lubna Azabal – Incendies
Tatiana Maslany – Grown Up Movie Star
Molly Parker – Trigger
Rosamund Pike – Barney’s Version
Tracy Wright – Trigger

Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Sonja Bennett – Cole
Anne-Elizabeth Bossé – Les amours imaginaires / Heartbeats
Minnie Driver – Barney’s Version
Terra Hazelton – FUBAR II
Mary Walsh – Crackie

Achievement in Direction
Xavier Dolan – Heartbeats
Richard J. Lewis – Barney’s Version
Vincenzo Natali – Splice
Podz – 10 1/2
Denis Villeneuve – Incendies

Adapted Screenplay
Michael Konyves – Barney’s Version
Lee MacDougall – High Life
Vic Sarin, Dennis Foon, Catherine Spear – A Shine of Rainbows
Patrick Senécal – 7 Days
Denis Villeneuve – Incendies
Original Screenplay
Louis Bélanger, Alexis Martin – Route 132
Claude Lalonde – 10 1/2
Adriana Maggs – Grown Up Movie Star
Peter Stebbings – Defendor
Jacob Tierney – The Trotsky

Best Documentary
“Journey’s End” – Jean-François Caissy
“In the Name of the Family” – Shelley Saywell, Deborah Parks
Last Train HomeLixin Fan, Mila Aung-Thwin, Daniel Cross
“Leave Them Laughing” – John Zaritsky , Montana Berg
“You Don’t Like the Trouth, 4 Days Inside Guantanamo” – Luc Côté, Patricio Henriquez

Achievement in Art Direction
Gilles Aird – 10 ½
André-Line Beauparlant – Incendies
Arv Greywal – Resident Evil: Afterlife
Myron Hyrak – FUBAR II
Claude Paré, Elise de Blois – Barney’s Version

Achievement in Cinematography
Bernard Couture – 10 ½
Ronald Plante – Piché: entre ciel et terre / Piché: The Landing of a Man
Claudine Sauvé – The Wild Hunt
André Turpin – Incendies
Stéphanie Weber Biron – Heartbeats

Achievement in Costume Design
Denise Cronenberg – Resident Evil: Afterlife
Mario Davignon – The Trotsky
Nicoletta Massone – Barney’s Version
Patricia McNeil – The Wild Hunt
Beverley Wowchuk – Gunless

Achievement in Editing
Michele Conroy – Splice
Monique Dartonne – Incendies
Matthew Hannam – Trigger
Valérie Héroux – 10 1/2
Yvann Thibaudeau – Piché: The Landing of a Man

Achievement in Make-up
Kathryn Casault – Incendies
Paul Jones, Leslie Sebert, Vincent Sullivan – Resident Evil: Afterlife
Adrien Morot, Micheline Trépanier – Barney’s Version
Hélène-Manon Poudrette – The Wild Hunt
Marlène Rouleau, CJ Goldman – 7 Days

Achievement in Music – Original Score
Brendan Canning – Trigger
Pasquale Catalano – Barney’s Version
Jonathan Goldsmith – High Life
Keegan Jessamy, Bryce Mitchell – At Home, By Myself… With You
Sook-Yin Lee, Buck 65, Adam Litovitz – Year of the Carnivore

Achievement in Music – Original Song
Buck 65 – Year of the Carnivore – What’s Wrong With That?
Mary Milne – The Trotsky – Already Gone
Cherie Pyne – Crackie – Tender Steps
Mark Sasso, Casey Laforet, Stephen Pitkin – Grown Up Movie Star – West End Sky
Paul J. Spence – FUBAR II – There’s No Place Like Christmas

Achievement in Overall Sound
Christian Cooke, Steve Moore – Defendor
Leon Johnson, Stephan Carrier, Kirk Lynds – High Life
Michel Lecoufle, Daniel Bisson, Luc Boudrias, Jean-Charles Desjardins – 7 Days
John Thomson, Andrew Stirk, Andrew Tay, Mark Zsifkovits – Resident Evil: Afterlife
Jean Umansky, Jean-Pierre Laforce – Incendies

Achievement in Sound Editing
Pierre-Jules Audet, Michelle Cloutier, Natalie Fleurant, Nicolas Gagnon – 7 Days
Stephen Barden, Steve Baine, Kevin Banks, Alex Bullick, Jill Purdy – Resident Evil: Afterlife
Sylvain Bellemare, Simon Meilleur, Claire Pochon – Incendies
Mark Gringras, Tom Bjelic, Katrijn Halliday, Dale Lennon, John Smith – Defendor
Dave Rose, David McCallum – Splice

Best Live Action Short Drama
File Under Miscellaneous – Jeff Barnaby, John Christou
Marius Borodine – Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais, Vincent Hoss-Desmarais
Out in That Deep Blue Sea – Kazik Radwanski, Dan Montgomery
Savage – Lisa Jackson, Lauren Grant, Lori Lozinski
Vapor – Kaveh Nabatian, Stéphane Tanguay, Cédric Bourdeau

Best Animated Short / Meilleur Court Métrage d’Animation
Lipsett Diaries – Theodore Ushev, Marc Bertrand
La tranchée – Claude Cloutier, Marc Bertrand

Claude Jutra Award / Prix Claude-Jutra
Jephté Bastien – Sortie 67
Honourable mention / Mention d’honneur
Peter Stebbings – Defendor

Golden Reel Award / Prix Bobine d’Or
Resident Evil: Afterlife
Producers / Producteurs : Don Carmody, Jeremy Bolt, Robert Kulzer,
Distributor / Distributeur : Alliance Films
Total Canadian box office in 2010 – $7,026,559