Anthony Hopkins on Jodie Foster in ‘Carnage’

SAG Preview 2011: Actors on Actors

“In the film ‘Carnage,’ under the brooding power of Roman Polanski’s direction, we are drawn, step by step, into the hell of other people’s lives. In Sartre’s ‘No Exit,’ one of the characters says: ‘Hell is other people.’ The four people, in this story, come face to face with the hell of their own lives, slowly tearing one another, and themselves, to shreds.

Jodie Foster’s performance reaches the heights. From the opening scene, her rigid, razor-like smile, the staring eyes, the twists and contortions of her upper body, her heroic attempts to convey politically correct, civilized behavior, betray, instead, the symptoms of volcanic rage and despair. At one point she says, in a quiet, introspective moment, ‘Why is everything so exhausting?’ As the film story unfolds, she is confronted by the power of her own darkness. She gradually, inexorably comes apart at the seams, releasing colossal fountains of pent-up hatred. All is left for her is the desolation of lost hopes and aspirations. Jodie Foster, through her career, has given such high-powered performances that she stands alone. There is no one to touch her.”

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