“The film is atmospheric, full of period detail and abundant with wonderful performances. As Colin Clark, Eddie Redmayne is both nuanced and graceful. His gifts as an actor become sharper with every film, and yet in ‘My Week With Marilyn’ he finds a more touching vulnerability and openness. His work brims with a delicacy that seems to fill his eyes to the point where he may burst any second into uncontrollable giggles, or tears. It’s always exciting when the right actor plays the right character at the right time. He charts Colin’s journey from a privileged young man dreaming of working in movies, to one with a hard-earned understanding of the emotional cost of reaching for the unattainable, and he does it with subtlety and seeming effortlessness. By the end Eddie’s Colin stands taller, if bruised, but he stands on his own terms. Towards the end, Colin is asked if his heart has been broken and the moment is eloquent in its simplicity. The apparent ordinariness of this scene is deceptive; yet Eddie’s playing reveals not only his intelligence as an actor, but more crucially, Colin’s awakening to the ways of the world.”

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