Zynga announced its second game integration partnership with Paramount, this time in conjunction with “Rango.” The integration will be the first for Zynga’s Facebook game FrontierVille.

Manny Anekal, global director of brand advertising for Zynga, described the partnership as a “fantastic overlap” because FrontierVille takes place in a Western town, where players raise and protect their families. The movie’s main character, Rango, voiced by Johnny Depp, is a chameleon who becomes a protector over a Western town.

“The Rango campaign offers a fun way to interact with the film’s characters while enhancing game-play within FrontierVille,” said Anekal.

The quest, as Zynga calls it, lets players find Rango, engage with him and collect a reward and watch the trailer. After the quest is completed, the player earns a Rango statue to showcase on his or her frontier.

“We’re seeing Zynga emerge as a great entertainment brand,” Anekal said. Zynga paired with Par and DreamWorks Animation for integration with “Megamind” and FarmVille in late November and with Sony’s “The Green Hornet” in January.

The quest begins Feb. 28 and runs until March 6. “Rango” bows March 4.