Yahoo has become the newest Twihard, inking a deal with Summit Entertainment to offer “Twilight” fans exclusive content from “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part I,” to Yahoo Movies, including live streaming rights of the film’s premiere.

Deal is a coup for Yahoo given the competition among entertainment dot coms to lock down exclusive movie content as a way to boost traffic and advertising dollars. And given the “Twilight” franchise’s popularity, Yahoo is expected to use the pact to coax other tentpoles to move their digital marketing dollars to the dot com in the future.

The partnership is guaranteed to give Summit considerable exposure — whether it needs it or not for the “Twilight” franchise. Last year’s “Eclipse” earned $300 million domestically.

Yahoo will promote the first of the final two “Twilight” installments through a custom-built site that will reside on Yahoo Movies, which attracts 25 million monthly visitors and offer up premiere coverage, as well as other exclusive content. The live streaming from the premiere will be produced by digital event producer NowLive.

Site will also be hyped across all of Yahoo’s entertainment sites and their 80 million monthly visitors, as well as Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Music and Omg! that will direct viewers to the “Twilight” page. But it will get its biggest splash on Yahoo’s home page, that is viewed by 100 million monthly users, with a countdown clock that starts ticking down Nov. 14 for three days.

A daily “Say ‘I Do’ ” sweepstakes during the first 18 days of November will give away prizes, including a Volvo S60 sedan, that appears in the film (Volvo has been a partner on the pics from the first).

Both Summit and Yahoo! will co-promote their online “Twilight” experience via social media like Facebook and other channels, including ads across the Yahoo! network.

Naturally, the hope is that a percentage of that audience buys tickets to the pic when it bows in theaters Nov. 18.

“We’ll be helping build anticipation for the movie through all of our levers from now until right up to the movie’s opening,” said Ross Levinsohn, Yahoo! executive VP of the Americas region. “Only on Yahoo will you find the never-before seen footage and incredible experiences that ‘Twilight’ fans crave.”