When a simple game sale is so much more…

In the video game world, there’s bundling – and there’s true customer appreciation. P2_logo104

Valve Software is showing other publishers how to beef up a software release without looking like an obvious play to boost sales. The company announced Tuesday that gamers who buy the PlayStation 3 version of “Portal 2” will receive the PC/Mac version for free.

Additionally, the inclusion of Valve’s Steam features in the game will allow PS3 players to play with and against PC players in real time – one of the very few examples of PC/Mac/console interplay around these days (despite the fact that both the Xbox 360 and PS3 are basically souped-up computers).

Users will also be able to chat cross-platform and save their games via Steam’s cloud – letting them alternate between gaming devices and still play the same game.

“We designed the Portal 2 PS3 experience to be very straightforward for gamers,” said Josh Weier, project lead on Portal 2 at Valve. “PS3 gamers will be able to simply drop the Blu-Ray disc in the PS3, link to their Steam account from inside the game, and all their Steam friends (on PC and Mac) will be visible and accessible for chat and game invites.”