Weinstein follows Disney’s ‘second screen’ lead

Disney was the first studio to fully integrate iOS systems with their films, but they’re no longer the only filmmaker doing so. Kings speech

The Weinstein Company and Technicolor have teamed up to utilize the tech company’s MediaEcho application to supplement last year’s Best Picture “The King’s Speech” with historical footage, additional commentary and behind the scenes information.

Like Disney’s SecondScreen tool, the app syncs with the BluRay version of the film, displaying relevant content at appropriate moments of the film.

“The key benefit of MediaEcho as a second screen application is to offer consumers content that is synchronized and relevant to what they are watching on the TV screen,” said Lew Rothman, executive vice president of Operations and Chief Technology Officer at The Weinstein Company.

It’s a one-off right now, but the companies plan to add the free app to other films moving forward. The service only works with BD-Live enabled players and you’ll need an iPad as well. iPhones and iPod Touches lack the necessary screen space to fully support the content.

Fox, too, jumped on the Second Screen movement earlier this year with its Sons of Anarchy app , only instead of using it as a place to highlight “extras,” it focused on capitalization.  “SOA Gear,” will enable viewers of the current season and the third-season Blu-ray to purchase products that appear during episodes.