Walmart-owned streaming service Vudu is expanding its TV library, including its first series that can be purchased the day after airing on broadcast TV.

The CW series “Gossip Girl” will be available for download at $1.99, which will put Vudu in the same category as Apple’s iTunes, Microsoft’s XBox and Amazon in terms of offering next-day programming. The rest of the TV programming will be previous seasons of current series including “Glee,” “Modern Family,” “Bones” and “24.”

Edward Lichty, general manager of Vudu, estimates the service’s TV library, which launched with just a few thousand episodes, will double with the new additions. Even more TV programming will join in the coming months, including more next-day programming.

“If you look at the movies we have available day and date with their DVD release, it only makes sense to offer recent TV programming, too,” he said.

In contrast to Vudu’s film library, which is available for rental and purchase, its TV episodes are only available for purchase. But while iTunes and Amazon make purchases available for download, Vudu streams all content whether rental or purchase, making purchased content available in its cloud system.

Other series joining Vudu’s TV library include “The Walking Dead,” “Nurse Jackie,” “Arrested Development,” “Human Target” and “Spartacus: Blood and Sand.”