Video-sharing site Vimeo has launched a new way to stand out from rival YouTube: enable its premium users to upload full-length features.

Site announced Wednesday that it would increase the size of files its Vimeo Plus members can upload from 2GB to 5GB — large enough to play a 2 1/2-hour video in HD.

“Creators can now share their feature films, full-length documentaries or a whole Little League game in HD,” the company said.

The move gives filmmakers another platform for getting their content directly to viewers.

New York-based Vimeo, owned by InterActiveCorp, has pitched itself as an alternative to YouTube since launching in 2004. The site doesn’t limit the lengths of its videos, just the file sizes.

This week, the service also announced that it would be integrated into the new onscreen offerings on Vizio’s Web TVs, which include iPhone-like apps from Hulu Plus and Blockbuster on Demand and soon Skype and gaming services from OnLive and Namco Bandai Games.