Video game ratings board to add apps to its duties?

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board is about to expand its territory. Angrybirds

The ESRB and CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association) have called a press conference for next week to announce a new rating system for mobile applications – an area the video game ratings board has had an interest in for some time.

At present, there’s no real standard when it comes to app ratings. Apple uses its own system, while Google’s Android Market lets developers rate their own applications. The new system, say the organizations will be “based on age-appropriateness of [the apps’] content and context”.

The ESRB’s game rating system is one of the most widely praised in the entertainment industry – and currently covers some 21,000 titles. While the group would almost certainly like to see the E, E10, T, M and AO ratings make their way to the app world, there has been some resistance previously.

The details about the new system will be revealed Nov. 29.