San-Diego based UltraStar Cinemas has partnered with China’s Xiamen Culture and Art Center and Xiamen U. of Technology to set up China’s first digital cinema training and education org.

The Xmut UltraStar Academy of Digital Cinema Management will offer the major — incorporating Chinese business, cultural standards, digital cinema design, marketing, concessions management and digital equipment usage, among many other areas of study — at Xiamen U. next year.”The Academy of Digital Cinema Management aims to equip Chinese workers with the understanding, experience, and skill set necessary to operate digital cinemas as high quality, profitable businesses,” said exec prez of XMUT College of Digital Arts, Terry Guo.

Partnership is both educational and economically progressive. UltraStar co-founder John Ellison noted that “Chinese audiences represent a tremendous market for digital cinema.” Xu Xiang Ming, veep director of the Xiamen Culture and Arts Center, continued in the same vein, “In China, we still have to fully develop the infrastructure necessary to receive and exhibit digital content. The advent of digital cinema also requires individuals trained in digital cinema management and operations. We are thrilled to partner with UltraStar…to create a course of instructure that will expose Chinese students to all aspects of the business and prepare them for leadership roles in the industry.”