TiVo unveils super DVR, but is it too late?

TiVo might have kick started the DVR revolution, but it quickly found itself shoved aside by cable companies, who offered the same services without a sizable up front cost to customers and a much lower monthly fee. Tivo-sad

As the holidays draw near, the company’s about to launch its most aggressive hardware counteroffensive. The question is: Will it matter?

TiVo has unveiled the TiVo Premiere Elite, a DVR that is capable of recording up to four shows at once and storing up to 300 hours of programming (on a 2 terabyte disc).

Those are impressive numbers and, at another point in time, would have tech-heads salivating, but with a price tag of $499 as well as a monthly subscription fee, it’s going to be a hard sell. (Making it a bit harder, the company must get a waiver from the FCC of a requirement to include an analog tuner, as well.)

In 2007, TiVo had 4 million subscribers. Today that number stands at 1.9 million. And the company’s hoping it can convinced many of them to put this on their holiday shopping lists to keep it afloat a while longer.