Tivo: Many eyes, mixed blessings for promos

DVR service users don't necessarily watch the shows

Tivo has issued data with mixed findings regarding which broadcasters most effectively promoted their new fall TV series.

The Eye series “2 Broke Girls” prompted the highest percentage of Tivo-using viewers who saw TV promos for the comedy to sample the series. CBS had three of the top five shows by that measure, with Fox claiming the other two slots.

The flipside of that data, which was drawn from Tivo’s own Power Watch measurement system tracking 35,000 of its users, suggests that maximizing exposure to those promos doesn’t necessarily translate to tune-in. Few of the shows with promos that commanded the most gross ratings points in Tivo’s pool are among the most watched newbies.

“Broke,” which CBS has already given a full-season order, registered a 28% “conversion rate,” which Tivo classifies as the number of viewers who watched at least three relevant promos prior to tuning to a series premiere. Fox’s “New Girl,” which also got a full-season order, finished second with 23%.However, not all the series that finished atop the conversion rate category were hits. The third-best finisher, CBS’ “How to Be a Gentleman,” was canceled after two episodes yet nearly tied “New” with 22%. Fifth-highest ranker “Person of Interest” has been given a full season order but is hardly a hit on the level of new series like ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” or Fox’s “The X Factor,” neither of which cracked the top 10.However, the two series with the worst conversion rates among new series were both canceled: ABC’s “Charlie’s Angels” (8%) and CW’s “Hater” (9%).

In terms of sheer reach, NBC’s “Whitney” and “Prime Suspect” finished first and second with the highest exposure level for their promos, with 85% of the Tivo sample having seen them. Yet neither finished in the top 10 for conversion rates.

However, huge exposure didn’t exactly hurt the third biggest show in terms of sheer reach, solid new ABC drama “Revenge,” which far and away attracted more gross ratings points and viewer frequency than any other show.

Power Watch defines watching a promo as having viewed at least 10% of the promo without engaging in ad-skipping.