Surprise! Apple has another runaway hit on its hands!

While some may have grumbled that the latest iPhone didn’t have a 5 at the end of its name, that doesn’t seem to have stopped them from running out to get one. Iphone4s

Apple reports that opening weekend sales of the iPhone 4S have set a new record, selling more than 4 million units over its debut weekend. That’s more than double the amount the iPhone 4 sold when it hit shelves.

Part of the credit for that, of course, is the expanded number of carriers. When the iPhone 4 hit, AT&T was the only mobile company to stock it. (Verizon became a carrier several months later.) This time, both carriers – and Sprint – had the phone on day one.

iPhone 4S sales aren’t all Apple has to crow about, though. The company announced that over 25 million users have downloaded iOS 5 so far, while some 20 million users have created iCloud accounts.