Sony’s Stringer lashes out at critics

While Sony has been apologetic over the last month about the breach of its PlayStation Network (and subsequent personal data theft), CEO Howard Stringer is apparently adopting a new tone. Howard stringer

The head of Sony, who found himself personally under a lot of fire for his silence on the matter as it was unfolding, had angry words Tuesday for critics who have accused the company of taking too long to inform consumers that their data had been stolen.

“This was an unprecedented situation,” Reuters quotes Stringer as saying. “Most of these breaches go unreported by companies. Forty-three percent notify victims within a month. We reported in a week. You’re telling me my week wasn’t fast enough?”

The harsh words are remarkably different than those of other Sony executives, including Kazuo Hirai, widely considered to be next in line for the Sony top spot.

They’re also at odds with Stringer’s own open letter to customers affected by the data breach, issued on May 5.