Sony to pair game demo with Battle: Los Angeles Blu-ray

For all the talk of film and video game synergy, you don’t see a lot of real world applications. Now, Sony’s putting its money where its mouth is. Battle-los-angeles

The company will include a demo for the upcoming “Resistance 3” in the Blu-ray release of “Battle: Los Angeles”. The game is expected to hit store shelves in September.

The game and film actually have quite a history together. The first confirmation that “Resistance 3” was on the way came from an on-set photo when “B:LA” was filming. (Sony had positioned an ad for the game on a billboard in a scene of the disaster flick.)

Game demos on Blu-rays aren’t unheard of, but they’re rare. Sony paired a demo for “God of War III” on the 2009 home release of “District 9,” while Disney included the full “Toy Story 3” game in the collector’s edition of the movie.