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Sony pumps 3D in Las Vegas

Rogen, Choi promote 'Green Hornet' at CES

Sony kicked off its Consumer Electronics Show for 2011with pitches promising to bring 3D content creation to the masses and to redefine television itself.

Hundreds of press and analysts came to Sony’s CES booth ” bigger than a Broadway theater with a video screen about 100 feet wide — to hear Sony Corp. prexy/CEO Sir Howard Stringer say “In 2011, 3D gets personal.”

New lines of consumer devices will put 3D content creation tools in consumers” hands: Handycams, digital cameras, and other devices, to enable consumers to shoot, play back and share 3D stills and video. A 3D Vaio laptop is also coming in 2011 as well.

During the presentation, Sony, Discovery and Imax officially unveiled their brand and logo for the “3net” 3D cable network and revealed more of its programming.

“Exprience 3D,” featuring adventure footage. U.S. TV preems will include “Hubble 3D” from Imax, “In the Qube” from Sony and “Wildebeest Migration” from Discovery.

Stringer told the CES gathering Sony had “established ourselves as the industry leader (in 3D) because we do business across the entire 3D universe: hardware, software and content.”

Another theme Stringer stressed is a major ad push for Sony in the year to come: “Television Redefined.” Conglom is stepping up its efforts with networked TVs and peripherals as it seeks to become, in Stringer’s words, “the world”s leading provider of networked entertainment.”

He called the marriage of TV and Internet “the next big industry transformation” and said “our aim is to redefine the way consumers interact with television.”

Stringer said Sony’s new business model “generates revenues from our own exclusive content on multiple devices and no longer just sale of hardware.”

The larger pitch for “Television Redefined” was relatively vague compared with Cisco’ similar Videoscape pitch earlier in the day.

Stringer mentioned the Sony Internet TV, powered by Google, but said little about it. He said more about the Qriocity cloud-based streaming service, which is being expanded to include a new music service, “Music Unlimited.”

“We are shaking up the television landscape and we will win with consumers who have enthusiastically embraced color, high-definition and Blu-ray, all of which, you will remember, were greated with skepticism,” said Stringer.

Sony Electronics topper Phil Molyneux announced a partnership with Time Warner Cable to offer Sony TVs that can show TWC channels without a cable box.

Steve Walker, head of marketing for Sony Ericsson, showed off a new smartphone, the Xperia arc, based on the latest version of the Android operating system. Phone is to ship in the first quarter this year.

Stringer kicked off the event with the Black Beauty sedan from “The Green Hornet” and apperance by the pic’s stars, James Choi and Seth Rogen.

“It opens next week. Go see it. We’re not afraid to beg,” said Stringer, adding “We think it’s a very good movie.”

Hollywood technologists take note: Among the company’s video camera offerings is one shooting full 1080p HD at 60 frames per second. Movies and TV have been slow to move to higher frame rates, and the introduction of consumer gear shooting at 60fps is likely to energize those pushing for change.