Looking to monetize its voluminous content library, Sony Pictures Entertainment will work with Thought Equity Motion to utilize a platform called the T3 Metadata Editor to manage content and clearance information in a frame-by-frame capacity.

Deal was announced Wednesday, and Carey Hanson, VP of licensing and rights for SPE, said tracking and compiling the metadata — the details of the content of a video clip that can then be used for search, retrieval, royalties, licensing and rights purposes — is a formidable challenge for corporations that want to find new ways to make use of their entertainment content.

“We started thinking it would be great to create this village well of metadata at that frame or moment level in our library of feature films and TV content that all of the groups in our company could grab onto and create some robust applications and new monetization opportunities,” Hanson said.

Sony chose Thought Equity Motion, which works with more than 400 rights holders internationally, including Paramount Pictures, National Geographic and the NCAA, because its T3 Metadata Editor made it possible to map the company’s enormous amount of visual data to information like clearances and music cue sheets.

The platform also allows for multi-track, frame-level metadata management and can be used with automated tools, such as facial recognition, scene detection and script synching.

“This allows Sony to concentrate on making great entertainment while we provide them a way to catalog and use their material,” said Dan Weiner, veep of marketing and products for Thought Equity Motion.